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I come from a long line of brilliant, independent and pioneering women.  My great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Prince, came to the Oklahoma Territory in a Conestoga Wagon from Alabama searching for a better life and lived in a sod hut.  My Irish grandmother, "Mimi" Elizabeth Mary (Bessie Mae) Gustus, married my Swedish grandfather who worked for the railroad and eventually managed the Missouri Pacific Bridge Building crew of 25-30 men.  During those years, my Mimi fed this crew 3 meals a day and counseled many of these young men while living all across the Western States in tents, on railcars and occasionally small towns.  My mother Shirley Elizabeth Lawless opened a Christian Bookstore in 1972 when most women had few work options, then in her late sixties, she opened one of the first shops on Amazon when we moved our brick and mortar store online in 2002.

So Elizabeth is my matriarchal name and I am 4th in the line of our family of 5 Elizabeth's and it is no wonder that I too am determined, creative and a bit of a renegade as my name implies.  Then there is my father's Native American and English heritage (which will talk about at another time).  My given name is Elizabeth Ann Lawless which is the name I write under, but my friends call me Liz.  I hope that one day soon we will be friends if we aren't already.  

I am an 2x #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Radio Host and Serial Entrepreneur whose purpose is to serve as a CREATIVE and BOOK CATALYST (I make things happen) and serve as a virtual creative mentor to those who want to publish a Best-Selling BOOK or design a BUSINESS around their Creative Passion.  I have successfully worked with publishing, performing, purpose and professional clients to help them brand, package and share their message with the world.  

In 1988, I opened Lawless and Company, a Creative, Media and Event Management firm in Dallas, Texas working with arts, entertainment, education and economic development clients.  In 1992, after 47 rejections from traditional publishers, I self-published my first book (Adriel Publishing) and went on to publish 6 more with 3 currently in the works.  I write about Business, Creativity, and Wild West Diversity (you can have more than one passion).

In 2013, I began pursuing digital product creation (ebook, audio, online courses and memberships) for myself and ended up helping other people publish.  Today we have 75 Consecutive #1 Amazon Best-Sellers in 4 years utilizing publishing as a business leverage strategy for clients and a few who are creating and sharing a personal legacy.

In addition to all my years of business and publishing knowledge, I also have trained professionals, taught at the K-12 and University level and served as the executive director of an education non-profit since 2001; along with hosting 2 radio shows: Creative Passions and Western Legends: Yesterday & Today.  So I am happy to answer any questions about any of these disciplines.

I look forward to hearing your story and getting to know you in the future.

Remember, be creative every day! 

Creatively and Culturally, Liz 

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